Pa. Medicaid market draws limited national interest; Medicaid In early childhood may have long-term benefits;

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> Nine companies have submitted bids to enter Pennsylvania's Medicaid market, but only one of the new applicants seeking to offer managed care to lower-income Pennsylvanians beginning in 2017 is a national player, according to Article

> New research from the University of Maryland suggests that expanding publicly funded health insurance to low-income children could have long-term benefits for adult health. Study abstract

> AARP receives $762 million from royalties for endorsing products such as UnitedHealth's Medicare supplement plans, but blog post on the Palm Beach Post questions whether such insurance plans are always the best deals for consumers. Blog post

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> Consumer engagement is more talk than reality, but a new study compares promises about consumer engagement with what is actually happening in healthcare. While the research found that consumer interest is high in using technology to gain access to their personal health information, patients face many frustrations in doing so. Article

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> One Arkansas hospital system has cut readmissions nearly 90 percent by addressing both direct and indirect contributing factors by fine-tuning its protocols for pre-surgical patient contact and post-surgical follow-up. Article

And finally… Why haven't these landmarks become supervillain lairs? Article

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