Oscar launches new functionality for transgender, nonbinary members

A bus stop displaying advertisements for Oscar Health
Oscar Health has launched the latest functionality for its tech stack. (Oscar Health)

Oscar Health has launched a new tool in its technology stack that aims to improve the experience of transgender and nonbinary members as they navigate the healthcare system.

Through the "MyIdentity" functionality, Oscar members can use the insurer's app to input their names, pronouns and gender identities into the system. This allows Oscar to provide a member experience that better reflects their identities.

Once the information is submitted, Oscar will use it to greet them across their digital tools or in engaging with its care teams, the insurer said in an announcement.

“Since day one, Oscar has been focused on building a system of healthcare that is centered around our members,” said Mario Schlosser, co-founder and CEO, in a statement.

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“While there is still more work to be done, I am proud of our team of engineers who, through our unique full-stack technology, are able to quickly and proficiently meet the needs of our transgender and non-binary members to help them feel both seen and heard," Schlosser said.

The feature is available nationwide to both members in Oscar plans and people enrolled in coverage that use its +Oscar technology stack. Members will be presented with these options during onboarding, and they can access and update the data at any time in their online settings.

Jesse Horowitz, senior vice president of product at Oscar, said rolling out the new functionality offers a number of benefits to improve member experience. For example, a quarter of transgender patients said they have avoided care when they're sick due to fear of mistreatment, so ensuring they're treated according to their lived experiences is critical, he said.

In addition, gathering additional data that may not be reflected in a member's medical record allows Oscar to more effectively match members with providers who can best care for them, he said.

"That's going to result in better outcomes and better experiences for our members," Horowitz said.