Ohio officials won't promote health exchanges

As several states and the federal government ramp up their efforts to educate the public about healthcare reform and promote the law's health insurance exchanges, Ohio officials are choosing an opposite approach--doing nothing. The Ohio Department of Insurance won't be launching any marketing or advertising campaigns or starting any outreach programs around the reform law, reported the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Although the department will help consumers track down certain information or help direct them to the right place to get their questions answered regarding the federally-run exchange operating in the state, it won't be involved in actually marketing the exchange. Ohio's Department of Insurance "has never marketed or assisted in promoting a specific company or market and that will remain true in this situation," Communications Director Chris Brock told the newspaper. But Enroll America, a nonprofit group that promotes healthcare reform, is planning some outreach and education activities in the state to ensure people aren't uninformed or misinformed, the Plain Dealer noted. Article

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