Minnesota exchange could take 2 years to fix

After a scathing independent report found Minnesota's exchange probably won't meet its enrollment goals this year and fixing the marketplace could take up to two years, exchange officials now are considering what steps to take to repair the problems, according to Kaiser Health News. The report, which was prepared by UnitedHealth's Optum subsidiary, said the current program management structure and process within MNsure is "non-existent" and that exchange officials have been making decisions in crisis mode since the site launched. Other problems include MNsure's call center that needs to almost double its staff and software that contains more than 200 defects. Based on these findings, Optum's Laura Groschen said MNsure officials can either fix the current system or make the exchange minimally functional for the next enrollment process while they build a completely new system. With either option, MNSure staff will have to use manual workarounds to enroll consumers before the end of this year's enrollment period. MNsure Interim CEO Scott Leitz said his staff will consider the report's recommendations and decide which option to pursue in the next few weeks. Article