Miami has highest uninsured rate; Colorado approves premium increase;

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> Miami has the highest rate of uninsured Americans, according to recent data from the Census Bureau. Boston, Pittsburgh and Minneapolis all have the lowest uninsured rates. Report (.pdf)

> As a way to improve care and cut costs, Pittsburgh-based Highmark began offering consultations to its physician groups, while also encouraging primary care doctors to create patient-centered medical homes, reports Pittsburgh Business Times. Article

> Colorado state regulators approved a 1.18 percent increase in premiums for 2015, set to affect more than 1,000 plans offered by 20 carriers, according to the Denver Post. Article

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> Will participants in accountable care organizations (ACOs) soon look for an exit strategy? The challenges of operating an ACO that cuts costs without losing money can be so daunting that some ACO operators may launch a Medicare Advantage health plan to replace it, according to Healthcare Finance News. Article

>  Specialty surgeons insert themselves into medical procedures--often without the knowledge of the patient--driving up costs considerably, the New York Times reported. Article

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