Medicare members like options, but want help

Medicare members like having several options of health plans to choose from, but they have difficulty making a decision based on the choices, according to new study from the Kaiser Family Foundation. What's more, unless seniors have a particularly bad experience with their current Medicare plan, including a large increase in costs or losing access to a doctor, they're very hesitant to compare and switch plans. Many seniors would rather adapt to changes in their plan--like changing medications-- than switch to a new plan. The study also found seniors prefer to take advice from a trusted source like an insurance agent or a plan representative as opposed to researching options on their own. "Making it easier for beneficiaries to compare and switch plans, when it is in their interest to do so, would help achieve the goal of having consumers choose a plan that best meets their individual needs and preferences," the study found. That includes providing clear, concise and easily comparable information that highlights important factors like cost, provider networks and coverage options. Study