Medicare can't deny coverage for transgender surgeries; Coverage linked to better cancer outcomes among young adults;

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> Ending a 33-year ban, the Obama administration on Friday ruled that Medicare can't deny coverage for gender reassignment surgery, a decision that could pressure private insurers to cover such services, reported The Washington Post. Article

> Louisville, Kentucky-based Humana filed a lawsuit against Medtronic alleging that the device maker conspired with physicians to promote its unapproved bone-growth drug, The Wall Street Journal reported. Article

> Young adults with cancer are far more likely to recover or live longer if they have health insurance, finds a new study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. Abstract

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> Whether it's an online commercial database or a home-grown system, data mining is informing--and transforming--how clinicians treat patients. But although such systems can process vast amounts of structured data, they still have trouble with more nuanced pieces of information, notes Kaiser Health News. Article

> Samsung has debuted a digital health initiative that boasts open hardware and software platforms for mHealth technology advancement and innovation, according to a recent report from M2M World News. Article

And Finally... Puppy puts pedal to the metal. Article