Median COVID-19 charges for commercial plans top $45,000: report

A new study offers a look at the cost of COVID-19 hospitalizations.

Researchers at FAIR Health found the median charge in commercial plans for a hospitalization for the novel coronavirus ranged from $34,662 for people between the ages of 23 and 30 to $45,683 for people aged 51 to 60.

In-network costs ranged from $17,094 for people over 70 to $24,012 for people aged 51 to 60, according to the report.

"Millions of Americans have contracted COVID-19 since the disease reached the United States in January, yet much remains unknown about these patients," the researchers wrote. "The cost of COVID-19 hospitalization is still a subject of debate."

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Costs ranged the most widely in the West, according to the report. Median charges were between $21,407 for people aged 19 to 22 and $93,459 for people over age 70.

In addition, in-network costs ranged from $15,289 for the 19 to 22 age group to $60,205 for people aged 70 and over.

The analysis also found that patients were most likely to present with COVID-19 to a physician's office, with 33% of cases first presenting in that location. Twenty-three percent of cases presented at an inpatient facility, with older people more likely to present in such locations.

The Northeast was the region with the most people diagnosed through telehealth, according to the report, with 6.7% of cases presenting during virtual visits.