Jeb Bush unveils plan to change Medicare; More middle-class Americans visit Mexico for low-cost medical care;

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> In 2013, more than 20 percent of women who were of childbearing age were uninsured, but with the expansion of Medicare in many states, that number dropped to 13.3 percent by the winter of 2014-2015. Yet despite this increase in insured women, many still suffer from unmet healthcare needs that could pose risks for them or future pregnancies, according to the latest Health Reform Monitoring Survey. Report

> Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush has detailed his plan to change Medicare and Social Security, which focuses on bipartisan Medicare premium support and encouraging private companies to become competitive. Plan summary

> Due to the increased cost of healthcare and prescriptions, more and more Americans are going to Mexico for their medical needs, according to the Los Angeles TimesArticle

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> According to a new survey from peer60, the biggest challenge facing large hospitals, improving inforamtoin security is their No. 1 priority, and large healthcare organization are now putting a higher premium on improving security. Article

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> Telemedicine is on the cusp of making a huge impact in healthcare, as the global market is expected to reach 7 million patients worldwide by 2018. The one thing that is holding pure global expansion is the discussion around reimbursement, as it is plagued with potential fraud and abuse. Article

And finally... These photogs risk jail to capture relics of the Cold War. Article