Insurers to know exchange benefits recommendations by Oct. 7

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) will announce its recommendations for what benefits insurers must provide if they participate in a health insurance exchange by Oct. 7, reports Reuters.

Rather than provide specific benefits standards, the recommendations likely will focus on overall criteria and methods that will help the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) determine and update the essential health benefits package.

HHS asked IOM, an independent agency, to recommend how it should determine the basic health benefits for Americans who will qualify for coverage sold through insurance exchanges beginning in 2014. HHS will use the recommendations to help create the essential benefits requirements, which are expected by the end of the year, Reuters notes.

IOM had issued a self-imposed deadline of Sept. 30, but suggested the recommendations might be delayed. If they release the recommendations Oct. 7, they will only be a week behind their deadline.

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