Insurers serious about mobile apps

Big insurers are serious about becoming a major part of the mobile health movement as they increasingly introduce mobile apps to help members stay healthy, diagnose illnesses and better communicate with their doctors, reported American Medical News. "We're absolutely going beyond the basic," said Meg McCabe, vice president for consumer marketing and product for Aetna. "The goal is to engage people in health and wellness." Anthony Nguyen, senior vice president of care management at WellPoint, said the insurer hopes mobile apps will maximize doctors' scarce time.

The challenge, however, is competing in a crowded market and proving to consumers that insurers are trustworthy and helpful. "What we've seen is that if you offer something of value, people will use it," McCabe said. "We have to focus strongly on helping the consumer navigate through the clutter to what's going to get them to the finish line." Article