Idaho to run its own exchange; raising $75M to expand its services;

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> Idaho will now run its own exchange,, instead of having its residents sign up at, reports Kaiser Health News. Last year 76,000 residents purchased health insurance on the federal exchange, which means it may be dificult for the state-run exchange to perform as well as the federal one. Article

> In a webcast with Latina bloggers Tuesday, Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell mentioned the immigration issue and how it prevents immigrants from gaining healthcare, notes The Hill.  Article

> to be mistaken with raising $75 million in funding to expand its services, reports Bloomberg. Article

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> As the baby boomer generation transitions into retirement, the resulting influx of seniors may lead to an increase in fraud, according to an article published by the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud. Article

> Medicare payments have shot up for high-tech tests that detect frequently-abused drugs: In 2012, program spending for 22 of these urine tests was $445 million, which represents a 1,423 percent increase over five years, according to the Wall Street Journal. Article

And finally … If you have 99 iPhones laying around, use them to propose. Article