Humana to offer Virta Health's diabetes care platform for self-funded employer plans

Humana will make Virta Health's Type 2 diabetes management platform available to its self-funded, large employer clients, the insurer announced this week.

Virta will be available as an option beginning in January 2022, according to an announcement. The solution aims to reverse Type 2 diabetes through personalized nutrition therapy and around-the-clock remote medical care.

Clinical trial results of Virta's treatment found that 94% of patients who were taking insulin decreased or eliminated their dosage within a year. Patients also saw notable weight loss, of about 12%, and 63% of all prescriptions were eliminated at one year, Humana said.

“Humana is committed to bringing evidence-based and cost effective solutions to our members,” said Caleb Gallifant, vice president of product and strategy at Humana, in a statement.

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“We must find ways to transform the current treatment paradigm," Gallifant said. "As diabetes care evolves from management to disease reversal, Humana is excited to offer Virta’s innovative treatment to our members.”

Humana said in the announcement that the new offering is part of its broader goal to increase access to care and boost health outcomes through digital health solutions. Diabetes in particular is a significant health concern nationwide; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data show 34 million people have diabetes, and an estimated 88 million people over age 18 have prediabetes.

Diabetes can trigger other series health concerns such as heart disease, kidney disease and vision loss, Humana said.

“Our collaboration with Humana, one of the country’s leading health and well-being companies, highlights an increased demand for diabetes reversal as an alternative to traditional management solutions,” said Sami Inkinen, CEO and co-founder of Virta Health, in a statement. “Ultimately, this allows Virta to help even more patients looking for a way to get off the hamster wheel of more medications, weight gain, side effects, and poor health.”