Humana Foundation's short-list for nonprofit grants; Kansas, Texas to file lawsuit against federal government over Medicaid expansion;

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> Humana announced that the Humana Foundation--which focuses on improving community health by supporting effective well-being efforts--selected Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Knoxville, Tennessee and New Orleans as the focus of the 2015 Humana Communities Benefit grant program. If selected, nonprofits potentially could receive up to $350,000 in grant funding. Announcement

> Kansas and Texas plan to follow in Florida's footsteps and file a lawsuit against the federal government regarding Medicaid expansion in their respective states, reported the Orlando Sentinel. Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) was the first governor to do so last week after claiming the government coerced the state into expanding the program. Article

> Aetna announced Monday that it has appointed Cain Hayes as the new president of Mid-America operations. Hayes will oversee profit, loss and full operations for commercial middle market, small group and individual businesses. Aetna's mid-America region includes Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, among other states. Announcement

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> Healthcare delivery in its current state may have something in common with purchasing a bad car, according to Jeffrey W. Jones, a managing director with Huron Healthcare, a Chicago-based consulting group. Jones delves into the phenomenon of "information asymmetry"--when not enough information exists for the buyers and sellers of goods and services to make economically rational decisions, in a new white paper. Article

> Has the feverish level of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) within the hospital sector created unbearable pressures to raise the overall price of healthcare? The answer to that question is yes, according to a Revenue Cycle Intelligence article. Article

And finally … Pony and teddy bear ride off to the countryside. Article