Humana leverages tech to simplify user experience

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To become a more consumer-focused company, Humana streamlined its digital marketing strategy to better deliver resources based on its members' needs.

Prior to Jeff Reid’s arrival at the insurer, its digital group built large platforms and enterprise products--now, it's designed to target and enhance how users interact with their health plans, Reid explains in an interview with MarketingLand.

Reid, Humana's digital enterprise vice president, said that the shift has hinged on the use of the Net Promoter Score, a measure of how likely a consumer is to recommend the company's products to friends and family. 

Jeff Reid

Using this metric has helped focus the direction of the 150-person digital team Reid oversees. Since Reid took leadership of the company’s digital excellence center, the company experienced a 32 percent increase in new member registrations through Humana’s website, Reid says.

Reid said Humana’s digital arm follows a "surround sound" model. A marketing leader serves as the point person for a business line, and is "surrounded" by a digital marketing team of user-experience and front-end developers, strategists, data scientists and other marketers. Each marketing leader is tasked with deploying resources from the digital marketing team to fulfill the demands of clients, he said.

Reid and his team are on board with Humana's overarching goal of making the communities it serves 20 percent healthier by 2020, he told MarketingLand. In discussing this effort previously, Humana CEO Bruce Broussard emphasized the need to address how environmental and social factors affect health. The transition toward value-based care is vital to this gradual transformation toward a better healthcare system, prompting the company to launch businesses that facilitate this shift, he said. 

Reid’s initiative also builds on Humana’s growing tech portfolio. Last year, the Louisville, Kentucky-based company launched a mobile-app, HumanaVitality, to empower members to adopt healthier lifestyles, FierceHealthPayer reported.