Hobby Lobby loses birth control challenge; Payers lower reimbursement rates to hospitals;

> Hobby Lobby has lost its challenge to the health reform law's mandate that employers offer birth control coverage within their health insurance plans. Although the Obama administration has exempted religious organizations from the mandate, U.S. District Judge Joe Heaton said Hobby Lobby is not a religious organization, reported the Insurance Journal. Article

> A majority of the American public doesn't actually understand the health reform law. In fact, 78 percent percent of uninsured Americans were unfamiliar with the law's new coverage options, reported The Washington Post. Another 83 percent of people who will probably qualify for expanded Medicaid programs were unaware of that option. Article

> Medicare and commercial payers have increased their hospital reimbursements at the lowest levels in seven years, reported FierceHealthFinance. New data from Standard & Poor's showed that revenue from Medicare and commercial payers grew at a combined annual rate of 3.84 percent between September 2012 and 2011, compared to a 4.5 percent annual growth rate between August 2012 and 2011. FIerceHealthFinance

And Finally… You're never too old to learn your ABCs. Article

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