Highmark Launches Call-in Care Advocate Program to Members

PITTSBURGH, Feb. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Highmark Inc. announced today that it has launched a new telephone-based support service, myCare Navigator, where members can call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to talk with a care advocate to find a doctor, schedule an appointment directly with a provider, transfer medical records from one provider to another and more.

The service is free and can be accessed by calling 1-888-BLUE-428 and selecting the myCare Navigator prompt. myCare Navigator is available to Highmark individual members who are under 65 and those who receive health insurance through their employer. Senior product members and those in the Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Employee Plan will be able to use myCare Navigator later in the year.

"Highmark understands that our members are often overwhelmed with the health care system, and we want to be able to provide them support to more easily get the care they need," said Steven Nelson, senior vice president of health services strategy, product and marketing at Highmark. "Our market research showed that 92 percent of members were interested in using a service like this, which said to us loud and clear, 'we need help.'"

myCare Navigator can help members with a variety of health care-related tasks such as finding doctors, specialists or coordinating second opinions, scheduling prompt appointments, transferring medical records across providers, helping members understand their prescription drug coverage, and ultimately, getting maximum value from their health coverage.

"myCare Navigator takes Highmark's commitment to members to the next level. It helps members more easily navigate the complex health care system," said Nelson.

Highmark members can currently discuss benefits-related questions by calling a Highmark member service representative and can also discuss care-related questions by calling a Highmark Blues On Call nurse. myCare Navigator advocates will coordinate with these two established services and also provide additional value-added services to the member.

For more information, visit Highmark's Newsroom.


SOURCE Highmark Inc.