Health Dialog Presents Shared Decision Making Best Practices at 2012 AHIP Fall Forum

Joint Presentation with Group Health Cooperative on the Use of Decision Aids to Improve Care and Reduce Costs

Health Dialog Presents Shared Decision Making Best Practices at 2012 AHIP Fall Forum

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Delivering patient-centered, accountable care is a goal for all physicians and health care practitioners today; but how to deliver it most effectively remains a challenge. Under demanding time and resource constraints, physicians and health care professionals are embracing new models for delivering care in the form of Shared Decision Making, where patients and clinicians work together to discuss clinically-based treatment options as they relate to the patient’s own values and preferences. To assist in the implementation of Shared Decision Making, Health Dialog is presenting “Redefining Healthcare Through Shared Decision Making” in conjunction with Group Health Cooperative at the upcoming 2012 AHIP Fall Forum Conference.

Dr. Peter Goldbach, Chief Medical Officer at Health Dialog, and Dr. Paul Sherman, Executive Medical Director for Health Plan Services at Group Health, will discuss how the leading non-profit health plan is redefining the doctor-patient relationship through the practice of provider-prescribed Shared Decision Making. By combining state-of-the-art patient decision aids with focused patient-physician discussions on treatment options and preferences, Shared Decision Making improves quality of care, reduces costs and increases satisfaction for both patients and their physicians.

Health Dialog’s award-winning suite of patient decision aids cover a broad range of topics and are available online and in DVD format. The company’s decision aids are currently available to more than 15 million individuals and are distributed as part of Health Dialog’s broader Total Population Health Management programs, which include analytics to find the right people in a population, award-winning engagement tools and techniques to catch their attention, and expert health coaches to empower their choices and change their behavior.

Attendees from all media outlets, industries, and levels of management are encouraged to attend or contact Health Dialog for more information. Additional details, including a full agenda, speakers and content can be found .

Peter Goldbach, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Health DialogPaul Sherman, MD, MHA, Executive Medical Director for Health Plan Services, Group Health

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