Health Dialog Announces Next Generation of DECISION Dialog® Program

Treatment Decision Support Offering Finds the Right People, Catches Their Attention, Empowers Their Choices

Health Dialog Announces Next Generation of DECISION Dialog® Program

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Health Dialog today announced the next generation release of its DECISION Dialog® program, an industry-leading treatment decision support offering that empowers patients to make shared decisions with their physicians. Since 1997, Health Dialog has worked with payors and providers to ensure that individuals have the information they need to make the healthcare choices that are right for them. This newest program release, debuting on the heels of the Supreme Court’s validation of healthcare reform, combines powerful analytics, tailored intervention and engagement strategies, award-winning patient decision aids, and personalized health coaching, along with a brand new user interface to create an even more seamless and informative patient experience.

Individuals make significant medical decisions every year – such as whether or not to take a new medication, have surgery, or undergo testing or screening. Many of these decisions have two or more appropriate options, each with different side effects or tradeoffs to consider, yet many patients do not even know when they have a decision to make. And when they do, they often don’t have enough sound, credible information to make the decision that is right for them. Enter Health Dialog. We find the right people, catch their attention, and empower their choices.

The enhanced user interface that can be deployed at the point of care, delivers unbiased, evidence-based medical information to patients through four easily accessed channels: Health Information, Care Compass, Guidance and Support, and Member Resources. Across the four channels patients are equipped with Health Dialog’s award-winning Shared Decision Making® aids, that cover 38 different conditions; the HD Care Compassweb site, that guides patients through what they can expect a decision to have surgery or testing has been made; information on over 180 different healthcare topics; and customized local resources and provider directories to literally meet the patient where they are. As users navigate throughout the site, they are prompted to connect live with a specially trained health coach.

“Our DECISION Dialog® program is like no other in the industry,” said Peter Goldbach, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Health Dialog. “The treatment decision support we offer our clients is truly start to finish: we identify the right patients early on in their decision window, speak to them in a way that resonates with them, and then match them with unparalleled information, tools, and health coaching online and on the phone, so they can learn and understand the intricacies of their health and healthcare decisions. We then provide follow through with support even after a decision to have a procedure has been made.”

Health Dialog’s patient decision aids are developed in collaboration with the not-for-profit Informed Medical Decisions Foundation, and have collectively earned the company more than 100 industry awards and recognitions for clarity of content, ease of use, and design. In addition to availability online, the aids are available in DVD format. The HD Care Compass tool, launched September 2011, has garnered several award recognitions on its own.

Health Dialog Services Corporation is a leading provider of healthcare analytics and decision support. The firm is a private, wholly-owned subsidiary of Bupa, a global provider of healthcare services. Health Dialog helps healthcare payors improve healthcare quality while reducing overall costs. Company offerings include health coaching for medical decisions, chronic conditions, and wellness; population analytic solutions; and consulting services. Health Dialog helps individuals participate in their own healthcare decisions, develop more effective relationships with their physicians, and live healthier, happier lives. For more information please visit .