Gov. Christie quiet on New Jersey's Medicaid savings

When New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) first proposed his budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1, it showed millions in savings thanks to Medicaid expansion. However, in a budget address last week, Christie neglected to mention the Affordable Care Act's impact on New Jersey's residents, reported the Inquirer. Back in February 2013, at his budget address, Christie voiced his opposition of the ACA but described Medicaid expansion as "the smart thing to do for our fiscal and public health," noted the article. Perhaps Christie's less-than-excited stance on New Jersey's savings--the state has saved about $150 million since expanding the program--has to do with the outlook of his fellow conservative political leaders who oppose the ACA. After his budget address last week, Christie traveled to Maryland for a conference with 2016 GOP presidential hopefuls, where the discussion focused on beating down the healthcare reform law. Article