Financial penalties motivate consumers to enroll in exchanges

The fear of financial penalties is often the biggest motivating factor for consumers to sign up for health insurance exchanges, The Wall Street Journal reported. Most consumers are more familiar with the penalties of not obtaining health coverage than any other part of the Affordable Care Act. And some polling groups believe more consumers would enroll in the online marketplaces if they were reminded of these penalties. "We've been telling people to switch out the messaging now," Mike Perry, whose polling firm PerryUndem researches consumer motivations for enrolling in coverage, told the WSJ. Tax preparers H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt both have been informing their customers of the specific penalties they would face if they don't buy a health plan. "We're the bearer of bad news, honestly, but we have to do it," said Christine Sanders, a tax adviser at an H&R Block near Kansas City, Kan. Article


The Real Payback of Healthcare Analytics

Tuesday, April 6 | 2pm ET / 11am PT

With the unpredictability of healthcare today, organizations are sharpening their focus on analytics to make more data-informed decisions. Join us for a roundtable session in which thought leaders will discuss how they are maximizing their analytics investments.