FierceHealthPayer is coming to you twice a week in 2012!

Jim O'Neil
Ever think to yourself how much you love reading the FierceHealthPayer newsletter? And ever wish that you could read the news stories, original interviews and editorials more often? Well then it's FierceHealthPayer to the rescue! FierceMarkets will be publishing your favorite newsletter twice a week, starting January 2012.

The health insurance industry is beset with changes from all directions. The endless parade of new requirements and regulations, all a result of the health reform law, have got the industry turned on its ear. Medical-loss ratios, insurance exchanges and accountable care organizations are just a few of the changes payers are facing as the industry shifts to a more consumer-friendly marketplace--all while responding to increased state and government oversight.

Plus, there's mergers and acquisitions to keep track of, payer-provider disputes and partnerships to follow, and competitors' emerging business strategies to smell out in order to succeed and thrive in this new and evolving marketplace.

So we at FierceMarkets are here to help. Every Monday and Thursday we'll be delivering the latest news-generated stories, exclusive interviews and other original content, as well as witty editorials (one can hope, right?).

We will continue to scour the media, parsing through the multitude of stories to find the most relevant news. And we will continue reaching out to high-level insurance execs to learn of new ventures and compliance strategies--all with the mighty goal of easing just a tiny bit of our dear readers' daily to-dos and giving your company a leg up on the competition.

Although it may sometimes be hard to detect, we at FierceHealthPayer are sincerely humbled by your warm response to our newsletter. We hope you all have a joyful holiday season. See you in 2012--twice as often! - Dina (@HealthPayer)