Experts say Supreme Court will strike down reform law; Illinois Blues not rebating consumers;

> Legal experts predict that the Supreme Court will strike down all or part of President Obama's healthcare law. In a survey of former Supreme Court clerks and attorneys who have argued before the court, the American Action Forum found that 57 percent think the court will strike down the law's individual mandate, The Hill's Healthwatch reported. Article

> Although only about 30 percent of Americans support the health reform law, more than 75 percent want lawmakers to work on a new bill if the Supreme Court rules the reform legislation is unconstitutional, according to the Associated Press. Article

> Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois won't be mailing rebates to members because it met the medical-loss ratio requirement. The insurer successfully met the 80-20 spending ratio through "careful expense management, collaboration with providers and other healthcare professionals and business innovations," the insurer told Crain's Chicago Business. Article

> And Finally… If you can't carry a tune, you might have amusia. Article

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