California dual-eligibles happy with their healthcare

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Californians eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid are happy with the care they receive through the Cal MediConnect program (CMC), according to a recent survey.

The SCAN Foundation and the California Department of Health Care Services surveyed CMS enrollees in three waved to determine their satisfaction with their care. They found a steady but small increase in enrollee satisfaction leading up the third wave.

Here’s a brief breakdown the wave three results:

  • 87 percent of CMC patients were satisfied with how much time their doctors took to administer care, a 4 percent increase from wave one
  • 84 percent were happy with the amount of information in their health plan describing their benefits, up 8 percent
  • 82 percent were satisfied with the level of coordinated care between providers, a 5 percent increase

The report calls those eligible for dual Medicare-Medicaid enrollment a population with “high-care needs,” and according to The SCAN Foundation CEO Bruce Chernof, M.D., this group especially benefits from having enough time with doctors and coordinated care efforts between providers.

While California’s dual-eligibility program is receiving increased satisfaction reviews from its enrollees, FierceHealthPayer reported late last year that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services experienced difficulty enrolling beneficiaries across twelve states in a three-year pilot program for dual-eligibles.

Though, another report from the Center for Healthcare Strategies months later found that among the 10 million Americans who qualify for Medicare and Medicaid, more and more were taking advantage of the benefits, and another state had been added the list of program participants.

To learn more:
- download the report (.pdf)