Dual-eligible patients are doubly appealing to managed-care companies, says Turner Investments commentary

Investment firm’s analysts think an influx of patients eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid may offer growth opportunity for managed-care companies

BERWYN, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- There are only 9 million Americans covered by both Medicare and Medicaid (known as “dual-eligible patients”), but they accumulate about $300 billion in health-care costs annually. Now, according to the latest Sector Focus commentary from Turner Investments, the costs of caring for dual-eligible patients are expected to rise to $775 billion by 2024 and provide a long-term growth opportunity for managed-care companies.

Titled Dual-eligible patients should keep managed-care companies healthy, the piece was written by the four Turner analysts who cover the health-care sector: Heather McMeekin, portfolio manager/global security analyst; Vijay Shankaran, senior portfolio manager/global security analyst; Frank Sustersic, senior portfolio manager/global security analyst; and Theresa Tran, global security analyst.

Turner Investments, based in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, publishes Sector Focus commentaries monthly as part of the continuing efforts of its five teams of security analysts to monitor market sectors for its growth-stock portfolios.

According to the analysts, the current disjointed system created a game of “Health-Care Hot Potato, in which responsibility for the care of dual-eligible patients is passed back and forth” between Medicare, which covers basics like hospital visits and prescription drugs, and Medicaid, which covers long-term care. But now, many states are enrolling dual-eligible patients in managed-care programs to make one entity responsible for all aspects of their care.

In the long-term, the analysts think two types of managed-care companies may generate above-average growth from the influx of dual-eligible patients: first, companies that derive a bulk of their business from Medicaid patients, such as Amerigroup, Centene, and Molina Healthcare; and second, companies that serve both Medicaid and Medicare patients, such as Aetna, Health Net, UnitedHealth Group, and WellCare Health Plans.

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