Coventry Health Care Reports First Quarter Earnings

Coventry Health Care Reports First Quarter Earnings

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Coventry Health Care, Inc. (NYSE: CVH) today reported consolidated operating results for the quarter ended March 31, 2013. Operating revenues totaled $3.5 billion for the quarter with net earnings of $135.4 million, or earnings per diluted share (EPS) of $1.00.

“I am pleased to report the Company’s strong start to 2013,” said Allen F. Wise, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Coventry. “These first quarter results position the Company well to achieve its financial and operational goals in 2013 as we look towards combining our strengths with those of Aetna after satisfying all remaining regulatory requirements.”

Among the risk factors that may materially affect our business, operations or financial condition are the ability to accurately estimate and control future health care costs; the ability to increase premiums to offset increases in our health care costs; general economic conditions and disruptions in the financial markets; changes in legal requirements and healthcare industry practices from recently enacted federal or state laws or regulations, court decisions, or government audits, investigations and proceedings; guaranty fund assessments under state insurance guaranty association law; changes in government funding and various other risks associated with our participation in Medicare and Medicaid programs; our ability to effectively implement and manage new or less seasoned markets, including the implementation of appropriate risk adjustment revenue and management of the associated medical costs and the effect on our medical loss ratio; a reduction in the number of members in our health plans; the ability to acquire additional managed care businesses, enter into new markets and to successfully integrate acquired businesses into our operations, particularly while our merger with Aetna is pending; an ability to attract new members or to increase or maintain our premium rates; the non-renewal or termination of our government contracts, unsuccessful bids for business with government agencies or renewal of government contracts, unsuccessful bids for business with government agencies or renewal of government contracts on less favorable terms; failure of independent agents and brokers to continue to market our products to employers; a failure to obtain cost-effective agreements with a sufficient number of providers that could result in higher medical costs and a decrease in our membership; negative publicity regarding the managed health care industry generally or our Company in particular; a failure to effectively protect, maintain and develop our information technology systems; compromises of our data security; periodic reviews, audits and investigations under our contracts with federal and state government agencies; litigation including litigation based on new or evolving legal theories; volatility in our stock price and trading volume; our indebtedness, which imposes certain restrictions on our business and operations; an inability to generate sufficient cash to service our indebtedness; our ability to receive cash from our regulated subsidiaries; an impairment of our intangible assets; our certificate of incorporation, our bylaws and Delaware law, which could delay, discourage or prevent a change in control of our Company that our stockholders may consider favorable; changes in government funding related to automatic spending cuts that are occurring due to federal sequestration; and our proposed merger with Aetna, including, but not limited to, risks related to our failure to complete the merger with Aetna, our ability to attract, retain and motivate our key employees and executives in light of the pending merger, and limitations on our ability to conduct our business between now and the closing of the merger.

Coventry Health Care () is a diversified national managed health care company based in Bethesda, Maryland, dedicated to delivering high-quality health care solutions at an affordable price. Coventry provides a full portfolio of risk and fee-based products including Medicare and Medicaid programs, group and individual health insurance, workers’ compensation solutions, and network rental services. With a presence in every state in the nation, Coventry’s products currently serve approximately 5 million individuals helping them receive the greatest possible value for their health care investment.