Cigna to sell plans on 5 exchanges

Cigna CEO David Cordani said the fifth-largest health insurer is planning to sell plans on five health insurance exchanges when they open for enrollment this October. Specifically, Cigna will offer plans to several metropolitan areas in Texas, Florida, Tennessee, Arizona and Colorado, Cordani told Reuters. All the states except Colorado have deferred to the federally-run exchange. "We do not believe this is going to be a massive either top-line or bottom-line driver for the corporation. We think this is just a step forward for us," Cordani said. However, Cigna hasn't yet determined what type of products it will sell or how much they will cost. Plus, the insurer hasn't established market share targets for 2016. "You're going to have a meaningful market there if the exchanges are operating as designed over the long term," Cordani added. Article