Cigna expands RecoveryOne partnership to Medicare Advantage members

RecoveryOne is expanding its partnership with Cigna to offer virtual physical therapy and its musculoskeletal care solution to Medicare Advantage members.

Cigna MA members living in its Tennessee market, which includes north Mississippi, north Georgia and Virginia, can access the platform as an in-network benefit, according to an announcement released Monday. 

Mark Luck Olson, CEO of RecoveryOne, told Fierce Healthcare the company has focused on building relationships with insurers in a market that has largely emphasized partnerships with self-funded employers. Working with payers requires a different approach, he said, as they're looking for a more clinically rooted approach and aren't necessarily attracted to point solutions.

"We decided to go in a bit of a different direction, but still risk bearers, by serving health plans," Olson said.

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Olson said that enhanced partnership with national insurers like Cigna enables RecoveryOne to build scale, enhancing its marketing and outreach capabilities.

RecoveryOne and Cigna have a longstanding relationship that includes a significant investment from Cigna Ventures in 2020. Cigna also offers RecoveryOne's platform to its employer clients with under 500 workers, and its solution is included on Express Scripts' digital formulary.

The platform aims to offer a personalized MSK treatment experience that is personalized and highly engaging. It offers full-body virtual care backed by more than 200 proprietary clinical pathways and more than 2,000 therapeutic exercises.

The goal is to boost outcomes and lower costs. According to a review of claims data on more than 350,000 members nationally, the platform reduced per member per month costs for musculoskeletal diagnoses by $751.

The analysis found that RecoveryOne's platform reduced costs for low back pain by 77% and rotator cuff tears by 84%.

"Our Medicare Advantage customers are seeking accessible, easy-to-use and proven virtual care solutions," said Michael Reardon, M.D., whose duties currently include leading clinical operations for Cigna's Medicare business. "By working with RecoveryOne, we are able to offer much needed, cost-effective care that addresses some of the most troublesome musculoskeletal conditions, such as low back pain and osteoarthritis that customers can access from the privacy and comfort of their own home."