Cigna: Consumers fear healthcare costs could dampen financial futures

Consumers worry that soaring healthcare costs could impede upon their financial well-being, according to a survey released today by Cigna, the insurer announced

The survey of 1,847 insured women and men found that many Americans worry that the cost of health insurance will keep them putting their children through college and create other financial hardships.

For instance, 75 percent of those polled said costs relating to emergencies, treatment or prescriptions could negatively influence their retirement fund.

What's more, a majority of those polled--80 percent--wish healthy things and activities didn't cost as much, notes the announcement.

Yet despite the coordination between costs and individuals' lack of participating in activities such as wellness programs, many companies are looking to start or expand wellness programs to reduce medical costs by improving their employees' health, FierceHealthPayer previously reported.

As as companies continue to offer incentives and programs to entice their employees to live healthier lifestyles, consumers will take steps to improve their health--83 percent of those surveyed reported doing so, while 79 percent said improving their health is a work in progress.

So as consumers struggle with wanting to improve their health but at a lower cost, many manage their budgets by using lower-cost medications--90 percent of individuals polled do this, while 67 percent plan ahead and budget for health insurance expenses, according to the announcement.

"The insights gained from our survey show how strong the link is between health and financial security, and reinforces our role in understanding customers' needs and working with them to lead healthier, more secure lives," Scott Josephs, Cigna's national medical officer, said in the announcement.

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