CBO can't assess fiscal impact of ACA; Exchange fixes will cost 5 states millions of dollars;

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> Out of the 8 million people who enrolled in healthcare plans, at least 2 million people who signed up for taxpayer-subsidized insurance have data discrepancies in their applications, according to a government document provided to the Associated Press. Article

> The Congressional Budget Office in April said it can no longer assess the overall fiscal impact of the Affordable Care Act, first reported Wednesday by Roll Call. It remains unclear whether the law will reduce the deficit or add to the federal debt. Article

> Five states that launched exchanges--Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada and Oregon--will either spend close to $240 million to fix problems with their troubled marketplaces or join the federal exchange before the next enrollment period in November, reports the Wall Street Journal. Article

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> Accountable care organizations vary widely in terms of ownership, patient care emphasis and organizational structure, according to a new report from Leavitt Partners. Article

> President Barack Obama may turn outside the military for his next Veterans Affairs (VA) secretary. The administration is considering Cleveland Clinic President and CEO Delos "Toby" Cosgrove to succeed former VA Secretary Eric Shinseki, Bloomberg reports. Article

And Finally... How to hug a cat. Article