Casting for Recovery in Maine

Anthem provides donation to local breast cancer support program

S. PORTLAND, Maine, Sept. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Casting for Recovery (CFR), a national, non-profit, support and educational program for women with breast cancer is pleased to announce a generous donation of $10,000 from Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Maine in support of local programs.

Founded in 1996, Casting for Recovery has been offering free retreats across the country, relying on local volunteers and organizations to support community based retreats.  

"Casting for Recovery provides an opportunity for women whose lives have been profoundly affected by the disease to gather in a beautiful, natural setting and learn fly-fishing," said Bonnie Holding, Retreat Director for the Maine chapter of CFR.  "These retreats combine fly fishing, counseling, education, and support for breast cancer patients."

"Anthem's kind donation will enable us to further increase the capacity of the program for Maine women," added Ms. Holding.

"We place a very high priority on efforts to help prevent breast cancer through early detection, awareness, and education," said Jeffrey Holmstrom, D.O., medical director, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Maine.  "Further, in addition to helping our members get the clinical care they need, we are also committed to helping address the patient's psychosocial needs and coordination of care."

Dan Corcoran, president and general manager, Anthem, says that support for programs like CFR is an important part of the company's mission.  "As the state's largest health insurer, we have a responsibility to support the good health and wellbeing of those who live and work in our state.  Programs like CFR play a critical role in our mission and we are thrilled to be able to support such a fine organization."

To learn more about Casting for Recovery, please visit or call -1- 888-553-3500  

SOURCE Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Maine