Cancer patients covered by Medi-Cal have lower survival rates; Pelosi and Reid work on Cadillac tax repeal;

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> A new expensive cholesterol medicine may mean increased health insurance premiums for everyone, even those not taking the drug, contributor Ezekiel J. Emanuel writes in an opinion piece for the New York Times. Op-ed

> California cancer patients who are covered by Medi-Cal are less likely to receive recommended treatment and also have lower survival rates than patients who have other types of health coverage, according to a new study from the University of California-Davis Institute for Population Health Improvement. Study

> The top Democrats in the House and Senate--Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid--are working together on an effort to repeal the Cadillac tax, The Hill reports. Article

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> A major database used to determine hospital reimbursement contains glaring flaws, according to research from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Article

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> The shakeup continues for Philidor Rx Services LLC, which has dominated headlines over the last several weeks for its questionable relationship with pharmaceutical giant Valeant. Now, Reuters has reported that OptumRx, UnitedHealth's pharmacy benefit manager, sent cease-and-desist letters to Philidor last September, after discovering billing irregularities. Article

And finally… They missed the pasta and wine. Article