California’s MedLion Direct Primary Care Fees Remain Unchanged, While Major Health Insurance Companies Announce Dramatic R

MONTEREY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- For all residents of California currently covered by a health insurance policy—as well as those individuals who are uninsured or underinsured and employers who offer the benefit to their employees—news of a slightly improving economic outlook has been tempered with another disturbing announcement from the state’s major health insurance companies.

Recently, insurers such as Anthem Blue Cross, Kaiser Permanente, and Blue Shield of California announced they would be raising average premium rates from eight to 14 percent for hundreds of thousands of people with individual coverage. And when compared with the rise in costs of overall medical care—which grew at a modest 3.6 percent over the last year—the concept of such a bold rate hike leaves many in amazement.

“Consumers should be outraged that premiums continue to grow faster than underlying costs,” said Gerald Kominski, director of the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, quoted in the February 3rd edition of the Los Angeles Times.

And yet, amidst this alarming trend, MedLion Direct Primary Care—California’s largest Direct Primary Care medical group—has said it has no plans to raise its non-insurance based rates, nor allow the quality of MedLion care to suffer.

“MedLion is based on a simple yet highly effective premise—a $59-per-month membership fee, and $10 office visits,” said CEO Dr. Samir Qamar. “MedLion physicians see fewer patients, providing a non-rushed and cost-conscious experience,” he added. “When we remove insurance from primary care, an estimated 40 percent of practice’s overhead from insurance logistics is eliminated, and we pass those savings on to our patients.”

In light of insurance companies’ premium hikes, employers are ideally poised to reap the benefits of offering Direct Primary Care, such as MedLion, to their employees. “For employers who find health benefits a burden or completely cost-prohibitive, MedLion provides an affordable alternative,” said Dr. Qamar. “By supplementing MedLion Direct Primary Care with a higher-deductible catastrophic plan, employers can save upwards of 40 percent annually, a significant amount when one considers this latest report from major health insurers.”

“Employers utilizing MedLion Direct Primary Care also see other far-reaching benefits: telemedicine processes now in place reduces absenteeism, creating a healthier bottom line. And with our practices in Monterey, Mountain View, Fresno, and San Francisco—as well as doctors joining MedLion in Salinas, Watsonville, Bakersfield, Oakland, Oregon, New Mexico, and Florida—employers and employees coast to coast will be conveniently served with high-quality, affordable medical care,” said Dr. Qamar.

Born recently from the more popular concept of “concierge medicine,” Direct Primary Care offers affordable membership fees to access basic primary care. Symbeo Health in New Jersey, Qliance in Washington, and MedLion in California are Direct Primary Care companies that target the uninsured, underinsured, and employers desiring to keep health benefit costs down in a difficult economy.

“The Direct Primary Care model is a superior alternative to traditional insurance-based primary medical care,” said Dr. Qamar. “Insurers are in the insurance business. MedLion is in the healthcare business. With no end in sight to rising insurance premiums, we’re already seeing a considerable surge in interest from employers and employees.”

About MedLion, Inc.: Based in Monterey, MedLion Direct Primary Care is California’s first and largest Direct Primary Care medical group. For an affordable membership fee, patients receive access to high-quality primary medical care. For more information please visit or call (888) 880-0007.


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