California health exchange launches price comparison tool

Consumers in California shopping on the state's health insurance exchange will be able to use a new online tool to compare prices among available plans, state officials announced Thursday. The online feature enables consumers to obtain detailed price information for all plans sold in their geographic area, the Los Angeles Times reported. For example, a family of four earning $65,000 a year and receiving $300 a month in federal subsidies could purchase a Bronze health plan ranging in price from $284 with L.A. Care Health Plan to $374 with Anthem Blue Cross. Or they could enroll in a Silver plan costing between $425 a month with Health Net to $495 a month with L.A. Care. "We haven't made healthcare free," Peter Lee, executive director of the state's exchange, Covered California, said at a town hall meeting. "We feel good about having a wide range of affordable products. Job 1 is affordability." Article