BeneCard PBF Selected as a Preferred Prescription Benefit Manager for DVHCC Coalition

BeneCard PBF Selected as a Preferred Prescription Benefit Manager for DVHCC Coalition

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The Delaware Valley Health Care Coalition (DVHCC), an association of health benefit plans created for the purpose of providing quality products and services, is pleased to announce that BeneCard PBF has been selected as an endorsed prescription benefit manager. This endorsement came after a rigorous market search to identify the prescription benefit manager representing the best combination of price, service and risk management available in the market.

The DVHCC is the largest coalition in the country that represents Taft-Hartley funds, municipalities, governmental entities and school districts, currently providing products and services to over three million lives.

“Our relationship with a flexible and responsive partner like BeneCard PBF reflects our mission to ensure the availability of innovative, quality care and cost savings to help our members manage benefits and achieve their goals,” observed DVHCC President, Matthew Kearney.

“We are proud to be aligned with the Delaware Valley Health Care Coalition,” noted Don Schell, Managing Director of BeneCard PBF. Schell continues, “Our legacy of service to DVHCC members and our ability to deliver savings through advanced clinical and technology solutions is an excellent fit for the DVHCC mission.” The DVHCC was formed in 1995 when six Taft-Hartley benefit funds banded together to negotiate discounts with providers that would otherwise have been unattainable by any single fund negotiating on its own.

Robert Cascarano, Executive Vice President of BeneCard PBF observes that “this endorsement reflects the market’s readiness for alternative delivery models. Our model has demonstrated value for a wide range of clients and we look forward to helping the DVHCC bring solution-centered results to their members.”

BeneCard PBF, a division of Benecard Services, Inc., is based in Orlando, Florida with offices in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. BeneCard PBF combines a 30-year history of administering fixed rate prescription benefit programs with a management team of pharmacists and industry experts who focus on self-funded prescription benefit program administration. BeneCard PBF’s mission is to improve patient health by aligning the mutual interests of payers, pharmacies and providers by filtering the wide range of available information, focusing important data points and facilitating interaction between the patient, the prescriber and the pharmacist.