Arbitrators rule Highmark must pay UMPC for past cancer care claims; Fiorina takes aim at drug companies, health insurers;

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> An arbitration panel has ruled that Highmark Inc. violated a contract with University of Pittsburgh Medical Center for overpayments for chemotherapy. As a result, the health insurer must pay at least $24 million, and perhaps $188 million, for past cancer patient claims, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Article

> Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina became the latest Republican candidate to blame the drug industry and health insurers for rising healthcare prices, citing lack of transparency in their business practices, according to The Hill. Article

> Nathan Fields makes the rounds of Baltimore's red light district every Thursday night, and the outreach worker talks with the dancers, bouncers and walkers on "The Block" about how to prevent drug overdoses and how to stop the spread of various sexually transmitted diseases. Fields, who works for the Baltimore City Health Department, provides those he meets with healthcare information and acts as a liaison between the public and the department, according to NPR. Article

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> Medicare should take the same approach to fraudulent medical claims as credit card companies take to questionable charges, according to attorney Hank B. Walther, former chief of the Health Care Fraud Unit in the Department of Justice's criminal division. Article

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> A judge just ruled that a hospital is not liable for an employee Facebook post which contained a screenshot of a patient's medical record that revealed she had a sexually transmitted infection. The hospital was not found liable for the privacy violation because the employee went outside the scope of her employment when accessing the information. Article

And finally… The greatest debate question has finally been answered: The hotdog is not a sandwich. Article