Anthem offers credit when members don't use deductible; Mass. Blues CEO explains new payment;

> Successful accountable care organizations must be flexible enough to support continual change and ensure patient data is secure, according to a new report from the eHealth Initiative. Health information technology is crucial to that success because ACOs must relay timely health data to and from multiple sources, reported FierceHealthIT. Article

> Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Missouri now is offering members an enhanced Deductible Credit Program on certain individual health products, reported Insurance Business Review. Under the program, Anthem automatically adds money into a special account when members don't meet their annual deductible. The money remains in the account for the members to apply toward future medical costs and, therefore, lower their expenses. Article

> Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts President Andrew Dreyfus said the insurer was motivated to change how it pays doctors when Massachusetts began denying rate increases for being excessive two years ago. "It sent a message to the entire health care community and the business community that we had to change," Dreyfus told NPR Shots blog. Article

> And Finally... Silence really is golden, especially for your cell phone. Article