American Imaging Management's OptiNet (SM) Program Launched with Blue Cross of Idaho

CHICAGO, Sept. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- American Imaging Management, Inc. (AIM), a leading diagnostic imaging benefit management and technology company with health plan clients representing over 35 million consumers and an operating subsidiary of WellPoint, Inc. (NYSE:  WLP), announced that the company's OptiNet (SM) program has been launched with Blue Cross of Idaho.  AIM has managed diagnostic imaging for Blue Cross of Idaho since 2008.

OptiNet is a transparency application that supports more informed decision-making by providers and health plan members when selecting outpatient diagnostic imaging facilities. OptiNet uses information submitted by the facilities to assess provider capabilities across areas such as: equipment, staffing, patient safety and customer service. This information is presented along with pricing to provider offices when ordering diagnostic imaging procedures for Blue Cross of Idaho members. AIM's OptiNet program is currently used in 17 states.    

"Through OptiNet, providers and consumers gain access to information they need to compare imaging provider capabilities and to make a value-based purchase decision on where to receive advanced imaging scans such as CT or MRI," said Brandon Cady, president of AIM. "We are seeing many more consumers take an active interest in choosing where their imaging scans are performed.  Together with Blue Cross of Idaho, we see an important opportunity to help share information with both providers ordering the scans and consumers about to receive diagnostic imaging regarding the significant differences in pricing and capabilities."  

"We see situations all over the country where the best imaging capabilities are with providers whose pricing ranges from several hundred dollars lower to less than half of what other providers within the same geographic area offer patients," said Cady. "We would like to see providers compete more on the basis of total value offered.  OptiNet was developed to help collect the necessary information and deliver that information in an easy-to-use transparency tool in order to help make health care services safer, more appropriate and more affordable for patients."  

AIM is a leader in providing innovative solutions for managing advanced imaging services. AIM pioneered the integration of technology and clinical content for advanced imaging management through the introduction of Web-based services in 2002. AIM also introduced the first set of Web-enabled tools to promote heightened understanding of quality and cost transparency when selecting some of the highest value diagnostic imaging facilities. Most recently, the company launched new solutions directed at increasing the clinical appropriateness of both outpatient cardiac services and specialty pharmaceuticals.

About American Imaging Management

American Imaging Management, Inc. ("AIM") is a leading company in the radiology benefit management industry.  AIM promotes the appropriate use of diagnostic imaging through the application of widely accepted clinical guidelines delivered through an innovative platform of technologies and programs. AIM pioneered the use of web technology in diagnostic imaging management and has continually integrated service and technology to create a more effective and efficient clinical review process to support the physician-patient relationship. AIM also manages cardiac services and specialty pharmaceuticals.  Through a commitment to delivering excellence in clinical content, service, innovation and operational performance, AIM has developed a national client base of health plans, and currently provides management services to over 35 million health plan members. AIM is an operating subsidiary of WellPoint, Inc. (NYSE: WLP; For more information on AIM, please visit


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