Allen Wise - 2009 Insurance CEO Compensation

Allen Wise - Coventry Health Care (NYSE: CVH)

Total 2009 Compensation: $17,427,789

Compensation breakdown:

  • Base salary of $584,243
  • Signing bonus of $2,750,000
  • Stock awards of $4,296,000
  • Option awards of $7,225,500
  • Non-equity incentive plan compensation worth $2,500,000
  • "Other compensation" including company matching contributions for a 401(k) restore plan and company match retirement savings valued at $72,046

The skinny:

Wise, who took over after former CEO Dale Wolf stepped down in January 2009, is the first of two new CEOs to appear on our list. His 2009 compensation package, worth $17.4 million, accounted for a whopping 7 percent of his company's $242.3 million net income, as reported in the company's 2009 annual report

Stock and option awards alone accounted for 66 percent of Wise's 2009 compensation, while another $5.25 million was given out due to performance and signing bonus plans. 

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