AHIP, BCBSA want enforcement delay for exchange requirements

Two major industry associations--America's Health Insurance Plans and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association--have requested the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services postpone its enforcement of federally-run health insurance exchange compliance requirements, Bloomberg BNA reported. In separate comment letters submitted to the agency, AHIP and BCBSA asked for one-year and two-year delays, respectively. The grace period would allow HHS to ensure the information technology associated with the online marketplaces is properly working. "A moratorium on enforcement will signal a tangible commitment to the collaborative approach," AHIP said, adding that it also will help guarantee the federal exchanges function as intended. Meanwhile, BCBSA "strongly" recommended "inclusion of a clear, two year good faith compliance period." Although HHS has said it would consider insurers' good faith efforts, "this will not be adequate to assure issuers that they will not be penalized for good faith efforts to comply unless it is codified in the final regulation," BCBSA said. Article

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