Aetna, Westmed experience patient-centered medical home success; More than half of technologically advanced hospitals reside in US;

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> Mark Tomasulo, D.O., of Colorado Springs, Colorado, plans for an all-in-one direct pay clinic do no include third-party oversight, meaning he won't bill insurance companies or Medicare, he told MedPage Today.

> As big data becomes more dominant in the health insurance industry, insurers need data virtualization that enables real-time updates without moving the data from its original location, according to Insurance & Technology. Article

> The first-year results for Aetna and Westmed Medical Group's patient-centered medical home include a more than 35 percent drop in hospital admissions, they announced yesterday. Announcement

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> Of the 30 most technologically advanced hospitals in the world, according to a list published this week by Top Masters in Healthcare Administration, more than half (16) reside in the United States. Article

> Roughly half of the respondents to's most recent CIO advisory panel survey said when it comes to their security ability, they rank "about average." Nearly 60 percent of respondents said their organization has a chief information security officer in place. Article

And Finally... Food on a stick. Article