Aetna CEO compensation totals $36M

Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini's total compensation for 2012--$36.36 million--almost quadrupled the $9.7 million total pay package he received a year earlier, the Hartford Courant reported. And that amount doesn't include $11.1 million in stock awards that haven't yet vested. Most of Bertonlini's pay comprised of $34.23 million in stocks and options last year, plus a salary of more than $977,000, $892,800 in non-equity incentives and $256,971 in other compensation.

"Bertolini received no salary increase in 2012 and his bonus was down 55 percent," Aetna spokeswoman Cynthia Michener said. "The long-term stock payouts reported in 2012 actually include two years' worth of equity grants from prior years. No long-term equity grants are scheduled to pay out in 2013." Article