Advocates urge Utah lawmakers to reconsider Medicaid expansion; Insurers OK plan to rescue Medi-Cal funding

> Medicaid expansion is under consideration again in Utah. Advocates asked lawmakers Thursday to fund an expansion, citing reasons ranging from the need for affordable health coverage to a desire to continue receiving drugs like insulin at a lower cost, reports. Article

> Insurance regulators in Oregon and Alaska now think Moda Health Plan Inc. may be able to raise the funds it needs to continue operating its business, LifeProHealth reports. Article

> Insurance industry lobbyists and California officials reached an agreement Wednesday regarding a tax package designed to rescue more than $1 billion in federal Medi-Cal funding, according to CaliforniaHealthLine. Article

Health IT News

> Electronic reminders seem to be essential to keeping patients engaged in reading their physicians' notes, and during the first 12 months, 53.7 percent of the patients at Beth Israel Deaconess and 60.9 percent at Geisinger checked their doctors' notes within 30 days of a reminder. Article

Health Finance News

> Providers in Puerto Rico could potentially see some financial relief in the coming weeks, as the Obama administration has proposed $30 billion in additional Medicaid funding for the island over the next decade. Article

And finally... Let's ACA exchange numbers. Article

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