ACA on track to exceed 10M sign-ups; Kansas wants to change how state covers mental health drugs;

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> Since more than three-fourths of people who work in the music industry are self-employed, they don't have access to employer-sponsored coverage. So Nashville-based Music Health Alliance teamed up with Get Covered America and the mayor's office to host Rock Enroll, a session to help Nashvillians purchase plans on the federal exchange, reported the Tennessean. Article

> With open enrollment closing Sunday, the Affordable Care Act is on track to top 10 million sign-ups during this weekend's final rush, reported the Los Angeles Times. Article

> Since 2002, Kansas law has allowed Medicaid beneficiaries access to any behavioral health drugs as prescribed by their doctor. The administration of Gov. Sam Brownback (R) wants to change that, claiming mental health drugs should be under the same scrutiny as drugs used to treat physical ailments, reported the Kansas Health Institute. Article

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> The post-ACA healthcare landscape makes physician engagement more important than ever for hospital leaders, and there are several concrete measures leaders can take to improve it, according to Hospitals & Health Networks. Article

> When it comes to healthcare, both providers and consumers benefit when patients get a second opinion about treatment, new research indicates. Article

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