ACA celebrity advocate tweets wrong website; Learn from failure to survive healthcare change;

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> In fiscal year 2010, federal Medicaid payments exceeded actual costs for providing residential habilitation services at New York State-operated residences by about $320 million, according to the Office of Inspector General. Report

> Former 'N Sync band member Lance Bass tweeted, not, to promote the health exchange website, The Hills Healthwatch reported. Meanwhile, President Obama appeared on the comedy interview show "Between Two Ferns." That online spot became the number one driver of traffic to Video

> A bill approved by Washington state lawmakers would prevent Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler from making any rule changes for the health insurance industry without first notifying the healthcare committees of the Legislature, the Health Benefit Exchange, the Health Care Authority and the governor, according to the Puget Sound Business Journal. Article

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> The failure offers healthcare leaders valuable lessons about what to do and what not to do when leading large organizations in an industry encountering complexity and change in a short period of time. Blog Post

> One Rhode Island hospital found the most effective to communicate an urgent matter with patients was telephone calls. Blog Post

And Finally... I'll have a kale salad; hold the lizard. Article