36,000 Americans purchase plans in special enrollment period; Gruber and Cannon debate King v. Burwell;

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> A new report from the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation found that 4 percent of the state's population remains uninsured. The Bay State enacted healthcare reform aimed at achieving universal coverage in 2006. Report

> About 36,000 Americans have purchased coverage during the special extended enrollment period as of March 29, the Obama administration announced Wednesday, reported the Hill. The period lasts until April 30; enrollment is expected to surge as tax day approaches on April 15. Article

> Jonathan Gruber, known for his comments regarding "the stupidity of the American voter," sparred with the Cato Institute's Michael Cannon this week at a summit on the Affordable Care Act in New York City, reported the Wall Street Journal. Gruber sided with the Obama administration in the King v. Burwell case, arguing that subsidies are inteded for all qualified individuals regardless of where they purchase coverage. Cannon sided with the plaintiffs. Article

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> Kentucky, Louisiana and Kansas are in different parts of the country, but the disparate states all have something in common: Hospitals that are on the brink of financial disaster. Article

> The topmost concern among community hospital executives is their finances and that will dictate how the industry targets and refocuses healthcare delivery in the coming years. Article

And finally … The peep-le have voted: Here are this year's Peeps diorama contest winners. Article