3 ways insurers can enroll hard-to-engage millennials

Since the millennial generation is the largest generation in the country--and soon to become the dominant generation for years to come--health insurers would be wise to actively recruit and enroll this young group to their membership base, LifeHealthPro reported.

The problem, however, is that millennials are the generation least likely to fully engage with their insurance company. In fact, they're most likely to actively disengage with their insurer.

That's why insurers that don't take steps now to engage millennials risk missing the chance to sign up a very large consumer group. Three steps insurers can take, as outlined by LifeHealthPro, are summarized below.

1. Leverage current members

Insurers should consider how they can leverage their existing relationships with members who are older and have millennial family members. Since almost every insurer counts Baby Boomers in its membership, offering incentives to these members to add policies for any of their millennial relatives could easily garner an insurer new customers.

2. Provide information security

Although providing information security is valuable to all members regardless of their generation, millennials are particularly concerned that their personal information is kept private and secure. Therefore, insurers should offer the best online security they can afford to help recruit this consumer group.

This is particularly important in the wake of Anthem's huge data breach last month. The insurer may face costs upward of $100 million following the hack, and already is dealing with a bevy of lawsuits across the country. What's more, better protecting members' data was the consensus at a recent panel discussion on how to build consumer trust, FierceHealthPayer previously reported.

3. Make the insurance experience easy

Health insurance is one of the most complicated markets for consumers to understand, but insurers can ease the entire experience for its consumers. Millennials tend to favor companies that offer easy account management, simple payment features, quick access to policy information and site navigation. Oscar Insurance has excelled at this, creating a revolutionary online experience that allows members to get quotes for available plans in less than 30 seconds with just a few clicks.

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