3 tips to prepare Medicare's annual change and coverage documents

As the June 6 deadline for submitting materials for the Medicare annual election period closes in, payers are preparing notification of change, evidence of coverage and summary of benefit documents.

Cody Consulting CEO Deb Mabari shared several tips with Healthcare Finance for preparing the documents for popular Medicare Advantage plans. Among them:

  1. Get the 2017 model documents from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) rather than running the risk of missing a single data point when updating the 2016 templates
  2. Create a comprehensive task list and production timeline to keep all parties on task
  3. If you miss any critical deadlines, address them first and meet more frequently with your team to get back on track

Among the new requirements for next year, health insurers must provide updated physician lists for all Medicare Advantage and insurance marketplace policies.

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