Why mHealth must focus on patient outcomes, not 'coolness'

Mobile healthcare innovation should be focused on helping patients change habits and boosting workflow in the medical professional setting, according to Samir Damani, a cardiologist with Scripps Health interviewed for Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry. Damani thinks the focus on "coolness" when it comes to mHealth technology isn't where great innovation can make the best change.

"On the behavior change side, I think that's where the real opportunity lies," he says, explaining that by changing patient behavior when it comes to chronic medical conditions, mHealth tools can also play a key role in keeping healthcare costs down. In essence, Damani says, mHealth's value doesn't lie as much in the diagnostic environment.

"In an era where cost reduction and better outcomes are key, I'm looking at technology that drives better health outcomes, not technology that simply adds another flavor of the month," Damani says. Article