There's more going on in mobile health than just the iPad

Amazing as it may seem, there is but one mention of the iPad in this entire issue of FierceMobileHealthcare. That reference comes in the "And Finally" section, in which we link to some offbeat news story that doesn't necessarily have anything to do with mobile healthcare. So yes, there are lots of other things going on in this field beyond Apple's boffo new product.

For one thing, there's lots going on in the cellular market, as a report on smartphones from the California HealthCare Foundation and news of Verizon Wireless testing remote health management both confirm. Shorter-range technologies are in the news, too. We have an item in "Also Noted" about the new Bluetooth Low Energy standard, for example.

And that leads me to the promotional segment of this commentary. Another short-range wireless technology, namely Wi-Fi and related 802.11 standards, is the subject of a free FierceMobileHealthcare webinar tomorrow at 2 p.m. EDT. More specifically, we'll be discussing wireless voice-over-IP communications in hospitals, and why simply adding more bandwidth to an existing wireless infrastructure won't always solve the problem of dropped calls and spotty connections.

Ordinarily, I'd be hosting that webinar, but Publisher Wendy Johnson will do the honors tomorrow because I'll be in Baltimore to speak at the @Hand symposium on mobile technologies in academia and medicine, hosted by the University of Maryland-Baltimore's Health Sciences & Human Services Library. Check FierceMobileHealthcare next week for extensive coverage of that event. - Neil